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Yoga is an ancient philosophy beneficial for today’s fast-paced lifestyles. Yoga is a Sanskrit (the first language of man) word that means to join together. Yoga practice heals and strengthens the student physically, emotionally and spiritually. Yoga isn’t a religion or limited by geographic origin or culture.  Yoga has the ability to bring forth a healthier and happier student regardless of age or physical condition.

Six of the most common benefits you, too, can experience are:
1) You will relieve your STRESS…techniques learned in class are used at home and in the workplace
2) You become more FLEXIBLE…plus your muscle tone and overall strength improves.
3) You strengthen your IMMUNE SYSTEM…your cardiovascular system is stimulated and all of your organs are flushed with fresh blood and oxygen.
4) You enjoy better DIGESTION & ELIMINATION…you may experience better weight control as your yoga practice and yogic breathing techniques reduce nervous eating and over eating.
5) You improve your POSTURE & BALANCE…yoga helps you overcome the harm of gravity and time by helping you look younger & lighter.
6) You reduce or cure BACK PAIN…a well-constructed yoga practice can help you create and maintain a healthy spine.

For information about Anusara Yoga, click here.