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Level 1 ~ Restorative-Relax and Renew; Yoga for Stress:

You will learn to use postures and breathing techniques that will deeply restore your energy and help you release stress. Students with injuries and chronic pain or stress benefit greatly from this class.

Level 1-2 ~ Yoga Practice to a Stronger Degree:
Beginners can start in these classes at any time if they are in fair to good physical condition. You are always encouraged to practice at your own pace. In Level 1&2 classes, Classical Hatha Yoga breathing techniques are emphasized and back bends and inversions such as head and shoulder stands are introduced.

Level 1-2 ~ Hatha Tantra:
This class is for students with a basic Hatha (postures) yoga practice who want to deepen the life-enriching elements of Tantra. Tantra’s focus is working with energy to bring about transformation of the whole person. Tantra is a positive practice of incorporating classical Hatha yoga postures with pranayama (breath work), bandha (locks that contain energy), mudra (positions or attitudes of practice), kriya (energy internalization to purify consciousness), visualization, self-reflection, chanting, meditation and mantra (sacred words). Hatha Tantra teaches a way to unite all aspects of our lives-from practice on the mat to family and work-with the supreme, highest intelligence.

Level 2 ~ Vinyasa for the Experienced:
Beginners of yoga will be lost trying to participate in this class. Vinyasa is not a teaching class but a wonderful experience where we move along with the teacher from one posture to another, without any break in instruction. It’s fun. It moves. It allows you to do the strongest yoga you want. NOTE: Level 1 students can participate when they have attained a working knowledge of Anusara Yoga’s “Universal Principles of Alignment.” Level 1 students who know how to prop and modify their poses are invited to participate.

Level 1 ~ Meditation:
Beginners are welcome to drop-in for any meditation class. No experience is needed. Students learn proven, scientific techniques for reducing stress, finding peace of mind, an ability to focus, better relationships and emotional health. Meditation creates joy through the direct experience of Divine love.

Donation Classes:

We host one donation class per month. 100% of the proceeds from these classes are donated to a local nonprofit organization. Check the Events page for details on upcoming donation classes.

 Special Classes & events that are not on the schedule:

Holiday Schedule

  • Saturday December 22nd:  Winter Solstice Party: FREE  Vinyasa flow, Veggie Potluck and Dance Party
  • Monday December 24th 8:30am:  All-levels Vinyasa flow with Heidi
  • No classes Christmas Day or New Year’s Day
  • Monday December 31st 8:30am:  All-levels Vinyasa flow with Marcee


Class Description


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Level 1 ~ Beginners & Gentle Yoga Class:
Level 1 classes introduce you to Anusara Yoga and the principles of body alignment, scientific breathing techniques, and deep relaxation skills. These classes are geared toward mindful, slow and gentle stretching, emphasizing the value of breath while working with gentle variations and modifications to the full posture.

Level 1 ~ Intro to Yoga:

These classes are designed for beginners and experienced students who want to learn or to review the fundamentals of Anusara Yoga. You will learn basics of Anusara Yoga and unique elements of “The Universal Principles of Alignment.” Using the Alignment Principles you will reduce or erase pain in your neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, wrists and feet. Scientific yoga breathing techniques will also be taught in this class.

There is no need to pre-register for classes. Simply show up:) 
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