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2019 Ayurveda Sunday Series Workshops

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Details on Victor's Meditation workshops:  Both workshops 2-4pm

            When our mind is uneasy and unbalanced by anger, attachment, selfishness or greed, our energies likewise get disturbed. We feel anxious; our minds aren't calm; our thoughts run wild. We say and do things that we later regret. If we notice a sudden disturbance in our minds and energies, we can be sure that it's the work of some disturbing emotion. These emotions are rooted in different levels of fear.  The purpose of this workshop is to nurture positive habits through analytical meditation .
        The key is realize what we are feeling and to develop the ability to catch it as soon as it appears and apply some an antidote, an opponent mental state, such as love and compassion. Through these realizations we begin the process of avoiding the problems we would create if we give in to the troublesome emotion and act it out.

June 15:Anger: All too quickly we use anger to react to challenges. The most skillful approach is to recognize anger when it arises, keep it within our mind, reflect on it there, and apply the antidotes that bring us to a more realistic life view. 

Fear and Anxiety: We rarely face our fears or try to deal with them skillfully. Looking at the root causes of fear lowers our anxiety by changing our attitude.

June 29-Attachment: The excitement generated in our minds when we attach to people or objects eventually morphs to unhappiness. Analyzing its real nature leads to a better understanding of how to enjoy life more and suffer less.
        Jealousy: This emotion arises when we are unable to bear the good fortune of others or out of fear of loss. Contemplating how it disturbs the mind and appreciating what we have leads to more balance and peace in life.     

       Pride: The wrong conception of ourselves leads to the mind being “puffed up” due to certain aspects of oneself or one’s life. Distinguishing between pride and a healthy sense of self-confidence is crucial in developing on the spiritual path


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