Anusara Beginners & Gentle Yoga - Level 1: Students are taught proper alignment and breathing techniques in easy and understandable ways.  Instructors are experienced teaching the Universal Principles of Alignment. These classes are especially well-suited for students recovering from illness, injury, or surgery or desiring a gentle class. Learning the Alignment Principles, students will reduce or erase pain in neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, wrists and feet.

Restorative Yoga - Level 1:  Relax, reduce stress and restore depleted energy.  Students feel their tight muscles release their grip and their tensions melt away when they are taken into easy, comfortable and long-held poses.  Yoga Nidra is included in this class.

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Meditation:Students learn scientific techniques for reducing stress, finding peace of mind, an ability to focus, better relationships and emotional health. Comfortable seating, instruction, and inspirational readings breakup the periods of silence.

Anusara Yoga - Level 2: This class uniquely integrates the Universal Principles of Alignment with strong postures and breathing techniques. Students are challenged and leave with greater strength, flexibility, vitality and clear thinking.

Hatha Tantra Yoga - Level 2: Deepen your practice.  In Hatha Tantra students learn classical postures with Pranayama, Bandhas, Mudras and Kriyas. Marcee has 868 hours in Para Yoga study - 835 of which were directly with Para Yoga Founder, Rod Stryker.

Vinyasa Slo-Flo -Level 2:  is one posture flowing into another to music.  It includes Sun Salutations, standing poses and seated hip openers.  You will be encouraged to move mindfully with your breath. 
Enjoy the feeling of being calmly energized.  You will be ready to be active in the world from a deep seat of peace. 

Vinyasa - Level 2: Vinyasa is not a teaching class, it’s a fun flow where experienced students move following the teacher from one posture directly into another. The studio is filled with great music and inspires you to do the strongest Yoga you want.

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We host donation classes where 100% of the proceeds are donated to a local nonprofit organization. Check the Events page for details on upcoming donation classes.

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